Python OS

Python OS is a platform for running, installing, and simplifying Python and Pygame applications.


Python OS has been redesigned to make it prettier, faster, and more useful.

The new Python OS has a new modern UI, a slicker feel, and space-saving menus that let you access your favorite apps from anywhere. Python OS 4 also introduces installable/uninstallable applications, a feature that makes developing applications easier. Python OS 3 was more like just a set of tools, but with installable applications, Python OS 4 becomes more open to developers, and therefore more like a traditional OS. Python OS 4 also comes with a set of reinvented applications that have more features and a cleaner look than their Python OS 3 counterparts. All the included applications have installable zip files included to make redistributing them easier.

You may use, redistribute, modify, and reuse Python OS and the included applications under these conditions:
1. You must credit the original author (Adam Furman).
2. You must not claim that your modified code/applications are precedents to the author's original code/applications.
3. You may not sell Python OS for any price as it and all included software are free.

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